STOP. This is the police, you’re under arrest for being too cute. Now, put your hands where I can hold them.

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i want one of those AUs where all the amis have “if lost please return to Combeferre” shirts but instead of Combeferre’s saying “I am Combeferre” it just says “no”

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If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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"Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life."

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"Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins."

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Dead End, Keith Alexander


Dead End, Keith Alexander



Fun little trick I learned in therapy: validation. When someone is upset, don’t try to fix the problem, point out the cause, or tell them it could be worse. Just validate their emotions. Be like, ‘shit yeah man, that sucks. I’m sorry you’re going through that. I’m here for you.’ That’s literally all you have to do to make them feel better. Thank you and goodnight.


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